Oxide Superspin International School 2018 (OSS-IS 2018)

A school organized by the JSPS-EPSRC Core-to-Core Programme:"International network to explore unconventional superconductivity at Oxide superconductor interfaces with spin-polarized materials."


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Welcome to the OSS International School 2018 (OSS-IS 2018)

The aim of this school is to build an international research network connecting young scientists involved in or working on related research to the Oxide Superspin Core-to-Core Programme. The workshop has two main components: lectures on fundamentals of the research area by leading scientists, and oral presentations by early-career scientists such as assistant professors, post-doctoral researchers, and PhD students. The school, hosted by Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, is open to the scientific community and welcomes the participation of young scientists.

Scope of school and workshop

In line with the research of the Oxide Superspin Core-to-Core Programme, the school welcomes researchers interested in:


6-9 August 2018

Workshop Venue

The workshop will be held at Hotel Leopalace Sapporo .


Registration, 16:00-17:00 (6 August)
Welcome Party, 17:00-19:00 (6 August)
Excursion, 12:00-18:00 (8 August)
Information Exchange Dinner, 19:00-21:00 (8 August)

Itinerary of excursion

Approximate Time Places / Description
Departure from Hotel Leopalace Sapporo
Otaru Canal (Lunch and Shopping)
to enjoy the lovely scenery of Hokkaido from the bus window
Nikka Whiskey factory
Arrival at Hotel Leopalace


Participants who are members of the OSS Core-to-Core Programme are asked to stay at the school venue, Hotel Leopalace Sapporo .

Rooms have been made available for the school duration (four nights, 6th-10th of August) at a rate of 14,300 JPY per night. Further information on payment will be provided upon registration.

Participants who are not OSS Programme members may also be able to book single rooms at the Hotel Leopalace Sapporo, for the same rate and nights as above. If you are a non-OSS member who wishes to stay in this venue, please contact us at oss-schooleng.hokudai.ac.j to check availability.

Abstract Submission


31 May, 2018 *Closed

Access & contact details

Contact us

E-mail: oss-schooleng.hokudai.ac.jp

Department of Applied Physics, Hokkaido University

Kita 13, Nishi 8, 060-8628, Japan


- Airport to Sapporo

New Chitose Airport is the main landing point for reaching Sapporo City. We recommend JR railway to travel from the airport to Sapporo city. Trains can be boarded directly at the airport from "JR New Chitose Airport station" The journey to Sapporo is about 35 min by the Airport Express, with trains departing every 30 min. It costs 1070 JPY (about €8).

- Prepaid IC card for public transport

We strongly recommend bringing or buying a prepaid transport (“IC”) card. Most public transport such as Japan Rail (JR), Sapporo City Subway, tram and Chuo Bus accept all of the traffic cards shown. It is possible to buy the “Kitaca” card at JR New Chitose Airport station with a deposit of 500 JPY (refundable on return). If you have one of these cards, it is possible to charge it at every JR and subway station. The cards can also be used for payment at a number of cafés, grocery stores and restaurants. These nation-wide transport cards have no expiration date, so you can also keep the card for your next visit to Japan.











- Air tickets

Early August is the highest travel season in Japan. Overseas participants are advised to book air tickets at an early date.


This school is supported by "Oxide SuperSpin" (OSS), an international network to explore novel superconductivity at oxide superconductor interfaces with magnetic materials and in nanodevices. The network consists of experimental and theoretical groups in Japan, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Italy and is largely supported through the Core-to-Core Programme between JSPS (Japan) and the EPSRC (UK).